Thursday, September 4, 2014

Top 10 of Gingerlocks' Kitchen


Happy birthday to Gingerlock's Kitchen! This silly little blog is officially two years old. In many ways it feels like I have been writing a blog forever, and yet it still feels like I am very new at this. 145 posts later and I still have many things to cook and share. There have certainly been times when I have slacked off and thought about quiting altogether, but I have powered through and continued writing silly descriptions of food. 

In honor of this minor celebration I have tallied the views of each post to share with you the most popular posts of Gingerlocks' Kitchen. Well, almost all of them are decided by view tally. There was one score fudged by my husband and his preference for lemony chicken. He eats all the food that isn't good enough to be on the blog, it is only fair. 

Would I say that these are my very best recipes? No. These are all really good, but I would not pick most of them as my favorite. There may have to be a separate grouping for the less publicly loved posts. Most of these have been viewed by the readers multiple times for different reasons. Some because they are original, some because they have been posted on other sites and some even for the pictures.

On the subject of pictures. I know I am not that great at taking pictures of food, but I am trying to get better. It is defiantly not a strength of mine, but I do understand the need for better pictures. Thank you for continuing to read and look at this silly blog even if the pictures are bad.


10. Greek Chicken Sandwiches

Speaking of bad pictures, this is really bad.  This picture was taken during a dinner party two days before my wedding. Of all the excuses I have ever given for bad pictures, that is the most valid. As for the taste, it is my husband's favorite. This has not attracted as many views as other posts, but it is a very popular and frequently requested dinner in our house. The chicken is so tender, juicy and flavorful. It's one of those meals you feel like a bath is needed after because they are so deliciously messy.


9. Italian Chili

I do really love chili and Italian food so this is an easy win for me. This soup is warm, hearty and really good with some crusty bread. Italian Chili is a great change up for any winter soup you love to eat. It's also great to make for a large group of people. 


8. Pineapple Cobbler

I am especially proud of this recipe since it has gotten some special attention. named this as the dessert recipe for their weekly meal plan. It is a really cool site with a lot of great suggestions. As for this cobbler, it really is so buttery and rich. I feel like it is a more fruit filled pineapple upside down cake with a bit of extra sauce. 


7. Sausage Alfredo

This is seriously so good! The sauce is spicy and creamy with delicious sausage in every bite. This may be my favorite pasta sauce of all time.


6. Fried Corn Salad

This delightful summer side comes from my mom who made this pretty frequently for potlucks. Everyone loves corn. That's probably why my grandma used to say "There's a reason why they fatten the hogs with it." Maybe pigs just have good taste. I doubt they would put bacon in their corn, though.


5. Chicken Tortilla Soup

This is a really good recipe.This is not a good picture. I love chicken tortilla soup, especially with all the yummy fixings for the top. This recipe is also super, super easy. Even the most novice cook can make this with very little effort.


4. Italian Shells

This is another fabulous recipe of my mom's. This meaty and cheesy casserole just tastes like home. You and I will make it pretty well, but it will never be as good as my mom's. The filling for the shells can easily be used in manicotti or lasagna if you wanted to mix this one up. 


3. Creamsicle Poke Cake

This is a really, really good cake. It's a little bit tart, but nicely sweet. Overall it just tastes like childhood. I love to make this cake any time, but the summer really calls for a delicious vanilla and orange filled cake. You will love, love this cake.


2. Apple Cobbler

This is another crazy delicious dessert. I love cobblers of any sort and this is a really tasty one. Honestly, this was a last minute "Oh, I need to post something" recipe that I didn't think was anything special. However it has had a ton of views and I am glad people have enjoyed it!


1. Garlic Bubble Bread

With nearly 2,000 views, this recipe barely beats out the apple cobbler for the top number of views. I have only made this twice, but it was well received by my guests. This is great to serve with any Italian food or soups you serve. This is an easy recipe that is truly beautiful. 

Come back every Monday and Thursday for even more new recipes from Gingerlocks' Kitchen!

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