Monday, August 4, 2014

Spicy Snack MIx

August is a sad, sad month for teachers. My school district returns back even earlier than most, so all of August involves getting up early for work. While I am honestly excited to meet my new little sunshines and be around my apple decorations, getting the motivation to start the year again can be hard.

Especially when reality of not having a fridge and stocked pantry sets in. I really function best when I eat every three hours or so. Instead of packing a snack each day, I find it easier to have a small food supply at work. That means some preparation for those afternoon snack attacks. This snack mix hits the spot! If you are a lover of salty and crunchy delights, this is a great option. Just slightly spicy, this combination gives you some carbs, protein and a bit of healthy fat from the almonds.

Not to mention, it takes very little time to whip up a big batch to keep your snack supply handy!


1 6.6 ounce bag of Goldfish crackers
2/3 cup whole raw almonds
1 egg white
2 teaspoons taco seasoning

Dump the almonds and the goldfish into a large bowl. Whip the egg white with a fork for a few seconds until it is slightly fluffy.

Coat the crackers and almonds in the egg white. Mix this well so each piece is completely coated.

I used my own taco seasoning for this, but any you like will be great.

Sprinkle the taco seasoning into the mixture in three batches, stirring after each addition. Mix this very well to ensure you don't have any clumps.

Spread the mixture onto a cookie sheet in an even layer.

Bake the snack mix for about 10 to 15 minutes at 350 degrees. You will know this is done when the almonds are crunchy and a bit dry. It will also start to smell crazy delicious in your kitchen.

This is even great to wrap up and give to friends who may also need some snack encouragement. Just  pour into a bag and adorn with a cute ribbon. The snack mix will stay good for up to a month if it is sealed in an airtight container. 


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