Monday, February 23, 2015

Spicy Egg Bake


 Brunch is one of the great trends my generation has going for it. It is the perfect time of day; not too early, not to late. The food is great and always includes the options of breakfast and lunch. One snowy morning, my husband and I both had the day off and we were so excited about going to brunch. We would most certainly get into those places with the long lines since it was a weekday. 

We called and called so many places. It seemed as though they had President's Day off as well. 

The only option was to make our own brunch.

We started with a super easy and delicious egg bake. These eggs are really simple to make and taste like they were a lot of work. Simply choose your favorite salsa to bake them in and you are on your way to a tasty start for the morning.

This is great for serving at a party or gathering since they do not require babysitting or turning. Just throw them into the oven before your guests arrive and they will be perfect with such little effort. This is so easy it feels silly even posting this, but people need to know about this egg baking method.


1/2 cup salsa (I used half green and red)
4 eggs
salt and pepper
tortillas for serving

Spray a small casserole dish with cooking spray. Dump the salsa into the casserole.

Crack four eggs into the casserole dish. Sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper over the top.

Bake the eggs and salsa for about 30 minutes. If you like your eggs a bit runny, the center should jiggle when you give a shake to the dish. If you like your eggs a bit more set, wiggle the pan every five minutes or so. 

Once the eggs have been cooked to your liking, serve them with some warm tortillas. This recipe is very easy to add more servings to with just a bit more salsa and another egg or two. 

Check back on Thursday for the end of our brunch meal

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