Thursday, October 16, 2014

Light Creamy Tomato Soup

My husband had requested a creamy tomato soup for dinner one night. I sifted through a few recipes I had on hand and my stomach churned at the choices.

It was potluck day at work. Which is code for I had eaten doughnuts, cake and far too many little smokies before a respectable hour of the day. A recipe with a whole cup of heavy cream did not seam like the proper atonement. 

Instead of finding new recipes and being productive with my time I looked at pinterest for the better part of the hour. Coincidentally I came across an ingredient exchange to make your recipes a touch lighter. I use evaporated milk all the time in cream soups, but I had never thought to add it to any others.

I tried this evaporated milk idea out with some smooth pasta sauce and it was just plain delicious. The soup was creamy with tons of flavor and great texture. And it has only three ingredients.

Jarred marinara sauce is pretty much the best thing ever for tomato recipes. Canned tomatoes often have a tin flavor that takes some time to cook out. This is not ideal when wanting a quick recipe. Marinara sauce seems to have that cooked all day taste making it perfect when you are whipping something up.

The ingredients may seem a bit odd, but just trust me. This is crazy delicious soup. 


1 24 ounce can pasta sauce ( I use Hunt's four cheese)
1 12 ounce can fat free evaporated milk
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder

Combine these three ingredients into a medium sauce pan. Heat this together for about ten to fifteen minutes. That's pretty much it.

I love to serve this with a good grilled cheese or some crusty bread and a sprinkle of cheese over the soup. 
I hope you try this out and love it!

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